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NuPolar Gradient polarized lenses are an exciting new option for prescription sunglasses. Eyeglass wearers are encouraged to talk to their eyecare professional to see if NuPolar Gradient lenses are right for them.

What are NuPolar Gradient Lenses?


NuPolar Gradient lenses are polarized prescription sunwear lenses that are darkest in the upper portion of the lens, and gradually become lighter in the bottom portion of the lens. See photos.


What does “polarized” mean?


Polarized sun lenses, such as NuPolar Gradient lenses, block blinding glare much more effectively than regular sunglass lenses. Learn more.


What lens colors are available?


Dark gray to light gray

Dark brown to light gray

See photos.


Are NuPolar Gradient lenses for men or women?


NuPolar Gradient lenses are unisex, and are equally compatible with men's and women's frames.


What frames are available?


NuPolar Gradient lenses are are suitable for practically any sunwear frame. Patients are advised to ask their eyecare professional about frame selection.


How are NuPolar Gradient lenses different from other gradient sunwear lenses?


NuPolar Gradient lenses are polarized to block blinding glare, and they have an encapsulated gradient. Learn more.


Are NuPolar Gradient lenses less polarized in the lighter area?


No; NuPolar Gradient lenses are polarized uniformly across the entire lens. The darker and lighter areas of the lens both block blinding glare equally.


What lens material are NuPolar Gradient lenses made of?


Polycarbonate. Learn more.


What is the prescription range for NuPolar Gradient lenses?


See Availability.


Are NuPolar Gradient lenses available in progressive prescriptions (PAL)?


NuPolar Gradient lenses are fully compatible with digital processing. Eyecare professionals are advised to ask their lab about the availability of "free-form" PAL designs.


Do NuPolar Gradient lenses darken in sunlight?


No; NuPolar Gradient lenses are not photochromic.


Are NuPolar Gradient lenses available in non-prescription (plano)?


NuPolar Gradient lenses are prescription only.


How can I try a pair of NuPolar Gradient lenses?


For a limited time, eligible eyecare professionals in the US and Canada are invited to try NuPolar Gradient lenses for free. Learn more.


What if I have a question that’s not included here?


Eyecare patients are advised to ask their optical professional (wherever prescription eyeglasses are dispensed).

Eyecare professionals are advised to direct questions to their supplying laboratory.

Laboratories are advised to contact their Younger Optics representative.

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